Oil Reproduction of Jan van Huysum's Flowers in a Terracotta Vase

  • I finished this painting last year. It is a oil painting reproduction on canvas of Jan van Huysum's Flowers in a terracotta vase (1736). I really loved the flamboyancy of the floral varieties. I did underpaintings in Burnt Sienna then colour, then colour glazes on top. It took many hours to paint but I really enjoyed it.. Next time I think I should have done grisaille. I did not do extra gesso on this canvas which I now do and smooth done to a smooth surface which I love, I can't stand the canvas texture.. too uniform.  I really like the way Jan put tiny insects and butterflies in his work.
  • Below is a link to the beautiful original


Work in Progress Oil on Canvas Reproduction of Western Kansas by Albert Bierstadt

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I was painting this in light that was to dull and I was working in the evenings.I've got an extra light now in my "studio" the corner of my dining room..I am almost done, need to work more on the trees and grass in front, soften the clouds.


Work in Progress: Oil painting reproduction by Francois Boucher: Venus de Toilette

I am learning and practising the old masters glazing technique, really enjoying it. I gessoed the canvas first and sanded it down, unfortunately I was was working in bad light and didn't see that the sand paper was leaving fine scratch marks on the canvas as the gesso was obviously not perfectly dry. www.linesandcolors.com a great art and illustration blog, lots of eyecandy!!


Julia Lundman: Advanced Open Studio with Sadie/ Part Four

A wonderful step by step instruction with pictures on Grillsaile painting. Thank you Julia !

Julia Lundman: Advanced Open Studio with Sadie/ Part Four: In my previous post I finished the first under painting layer, the open grisaille , as part of my instruction at Sadie J. Valeri's Adv...