Personal Illustrations for ideas for my Graphic book.

"Coral Lady" Copic markers on paper A3. Original Copyright Ruth Esther Park 2016

This copic marker drawing on ShinHan paper ( not good as I discovered for using with copic markers.. its starts warping when you add more ink...very annoying! the colours are nice and bright though. I got given the copic set from Kate whom I work with, I like the colours but I do prefer doing final work with oil or acrylic paints, you can mix exact colours and get really fine detail with tiny brushes.. but the copics are great for putting down ideas.. which I have done here. Copic markers also fade far quicker than oils or acrylics which can last for hundreds of years.
Rococo fashion, Tarsiers, pearls, Octopus, Clams, soft coral, pink flower anemone, pygmy seahorses.

"Coral Dream"  Copic markers & acrylics on canvas paper A3. Original Copyright Ruth Esther Park 2016
 This is the first idea I drew it is on canvas paper which holds layers well but has a texture that I don't enjoy, I really like smooth surfaces. The tarsier is lumasprinkle and it is my favourite animal.
Rococo, tarsiers, yellow cabbage coral, icing, frosting, bubbles, malefish, ladyjellyfish.

"Lucy Fur"  Copic markers on paper A3. Original Copyright Ruth Esther Park 2016
 This is more for the forest area.. I have made pinterest boards https://za.pinterest.com/ruthepark/
to inspire me for the book and also separate note books about the look and feel about each culture that I am creating ( forest, beach, coral, volcano, cave and Marsh of Mallows - 
kind of a spiritual realm.)
I have two friends that I am busy chatting to, to see 
who would like to co write the book with me..

https://za.pinterest.com/ruthepark/forest/  for references: lace, spiderweb water droplets, bumble bee python, taro leaves, lights, fluffy head.

"Forest Jive"  Copic markers on paper A3. Original Copyright Ruth Esther Park 2016
Another forest theme tropical. the black seemed to do well but I was afraid to do another layer for fear of it warping. https://za.pinterest.com/ruthepark/forest/  Begonias, Bromeliad flowers, Rose, pitcher plant (Nepenthes hamata) Etlingera Venusta, Passion hydrangea, Calico monkey flower, Hellebore Clusia


Drakensberg Series oil on canvas WIP

Just need to add gold or copper leaf to the mountains and water then done!

Going to add reflections to the river and some texture - rock like, to the purple part.. then gold or copper leaf

First and second layer done, Magenta, cerulean blue, lemon yellow. then ultramarine blue details. I added too much oil to the ultramarine, I had to wipe the dripping oil off.. going to take a while to dry..
I am moving house - it will be bigger, hooray! so I will probably paint less in the following month due to packing.. oh the joys! I met a lady who was looking to rent our flat and I took down her number as she wanted art lessons, looking forward to the possibility.


Work in progress Drakensberg Series in oil on canvas

I am going for an increased saturation of colours and a smooth calmness, I am thinking of adding gold and copper foling on highlighted areas and where it takes my compositional eye's fancy :) I need to do another layer of clouds, finish the river and river banks and trees in the above painting, I have started a third painting, will post shortly, at the moment it only has a blue sky, yellow mountains, and pink foreground. Once I have done about 10 paintings of the drakensberg I will add in gold oil paint and foil on each one..


Drakensberg Series no 2 Oil Painting Work in Progress

Cerulean Blue to sky, Cobalt layer to land, cadmium red and violet added to mountain. darkest tones added to darkest areas.

Francois Bouchers Venus de Toilette oil reproduction.

Beautiful deep turquoise, my favourite colour added to curtains. Cerulean and lemon.

Drakensberg Work in progress Oil Painting

Sky in Cerulean, Cobalt and white, Lake reflections in Cerulean, lemon, burnt sienna ultramarine, darkest added cadmium red, Front mountains. Just need to do clouds and trees now. yay!